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Sicilian Arancina the history

Balls rice this is a speciality typical Sicilian street food, it does insert in the list how product italian excellent.

7 Fun Facts

In Sicily there have been different pronunciations and competitions for years between Catania and Palermo, the first was named the arancina( the so-called male, arancinu)…

Basic Recipe for 10 Sicilian Arancine

To make the arancina Base, Fill a large pot with water, add the nut and salt, at the moment of boiling add the rice, stir a second time lower the heat and let it dry slowly the water….

Shopping List and useful tips

To delight the delicacy of an arancina, you need to have a clear picture of the shopping list, how to prepare it and why not, even some useful advice…

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2 excerpts of curiosities that you find inside the ebook

The first curiosity

Legend tells us that the inventory the rice balls have been “Ibn At Timnah” from Arabia, in those periods he went hunting brought with it for its consistency from easy transport, subsequently enriched with meat, from which it then took the Sicilian arancina.

what the Sicilian arancino looks like

it comes in a spherical shape, precisely because of its resemblance to melarancia, while over time the canonical form is concentrated in Eastern Sicily, giving the resemblance to the Etna volcano, in fact, cutting the tip of the arancino, the steam that is released evokes the smoke from the volcano, while its dressing resembles lava.

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